Walking the Talk:
Self Care as the Heart of Psychotherapy

• Saturday, January 27, 2018, 10am-1pm • Oakland, CA --Register Oakland

Sunday, January 28, 2018, 10am-1pm •  San Francisco, CA -- Register SF

Angela Porter, MA, LMFT, CATC, CMT
Carrie Gray, LMFT, MA
Matthew Tousignant, MA

Ariadne Thompson, MFT
Alexandra Johnson, MD
with special guest Jon Schreiber, DC


What if you could practice self-care and nurture your own vitality while simultaneously supporting your clients? Breema's body-centered, holistic approach to being present is practiced in the midst of our daily activities. This workshop will offer an experiential introduction to self-care principles and tools that nurture aliveness, non-judgment, harmony and well-being.

The focus of these workshops is on the practice of body-mind connection as the basis for connection, presence, and movement towards transformation in the therapeutic relationship. Body-mind connection supports both the therapist and client to contact and move from that within themselves which is inherently whole. Issues of compassion fatigue, counter-transference, vicarious trauma, stress, and burnout are mitigated, while a tangible atmosphere of empathy, acceptance, non-judgment, and aliveness is nurtured. Particular emphasis will be placed on the experience of the practitioner, as we learn individual and partner self-care exercises. We will also explore universal principles underlying Breema---- No Judgment, Body Comfortable, Mutual Support, No Force---- and discover how they can foster a vital, openhearted relationship to life.

About Breema 
Breema Bodywork, Self-Breema Exercises, and The Nine Principles of Harmony are natural expressions of the unifying principle of Existence. They offer a practical means of becoming present, a commonsense approach to physical, mental, and emotional health, and a new way of learning that leads to increased understanding of ourselves and a deepening sense of fulfillment, meaning, and purpose.

No prior experience necessary. Please come in comfortable clothing prepared to move around on a padded floor. These workshops are designed for therapists, healing professionals, and educators, and open to all.

The cost of each workshop is $75.  Save $10 if paid by 1/10. 
Register with a friend: $60 each
Intern rate: $40 (no early payment discount)
CEs available.

Recent events:


October 12, 2017. "Breema: Interoceptive Movement for Self-Care and Transformation in the Therapeutic Relationship." 3 hour workshop at Expressive Arts Summit in Brooklyn, NY.  Expressive Arts Summit

July 30, 2017, 10am-4pm  "Walking the Talk: Self-Care as the Heart of Psychotherapy" at The Breema Center, Oakland, CA.   The Breema Center

April 29, 2017, 1-4pm "Walking the Talk: Self-Care as the Heart of Psychotherapy" at The Breema Center, Oakland, CA.  The Breema Center

April 5 & 12, 2017: "Supporting the Clinician: Mind-Body Connection in Psychotherapy Practice" at The Women's Therapy Center, Berkeley, CA. Two didactic classes. 


Upcoming events:

American Counseling Association 2018 Conference & Expo:
6 hour Daytime Learning Institute: Walking the Talk: Self-Care as the Heart of Therapy, April 2018.

Expressive Art Summit, Los Angeles: Breema: Interoceptive Movement for Self-Care and Transformation in the Therapeutic Relationship - evening workshop, April 2018.